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In the fall of 2008, at the height of the financial crisis, we watched as notable firms like Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns collapsed. We had been working at Merrill Lynch for years, and now witnessed our own company being acquired by Bank of America. What had been the one of the oldest independent advisory firms was becoming the ‘brokerage’ arm of a bank. Effectively, the firm was now considered by many to be “too big to fail”, but the absence of failure does not imply success. It was time to move on…
The Partners of ChartHouse Capital founded our firm in order to accomplish one simple objective: to unbundle client account management from the investment banking model. Over the past decades Wall Street firms had built layers upon layers of complexity into their businesses -- it was hard to see how any of this had been to the benefit our clients. We endeavored to get back to basics, and focus our attention on the only balance sheet that matters -- yours.