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The brochure of any wealth management firm is going to be filled with vague generalities – and that is probably fitting.  This is not a “one size fits all” enterprise.  Your prior experiences, existing holdings, risk profile, tax considerations, and personal objectives are as unique as your fingerprints.  Likewise, when it comes to managing your investment assets, we will take a customized approach.  However, there are fundamental guidelines common to many of our client relationships, which reflect the state of our industry and our outlook on financial markets.

The majority of our client accounts are Advisory relationships, wherein we bill a flat fee as a percentage of asset under management.  We utilize MoneyGuide Pro, a powerful, goal-based planning software tool, as the basis of a client financial plan. 

And while we often serve as a client’s primary Financial Advisor, we recognize that we are not the only professionals in your life.  Introduce us to your accountant, attorney, life insurance agent, or mortgage broker.  And, if you are looking for any referrals in those areas, we will introduce you to people that we trust.